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Dosas from the South
Dosa also called Dose in Kannada is a popular breakfast item in most South Indian homes. Although traditional Dosas need soaking, grinding and fermenting before the end product is ready for consumption, there are many quick recipes that involve no grinding at all. Dosas vary from the super thin paper dosa to the thick Uttappam and also come in various stuffed and non stuffed versions. Typically served with chutneys and Sambar these delectable crepes have stoles hearts world over.

Idlis from the South
Synonymous with a South Indian breakfast, idlis are the healthier recipes rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Similar to Dosa, Idlis also involve soaking, grinding and fermenting but have no grind, no ferment choices. These are steamed cakes relished with a spicy chutney and/or sambar. Different states in the South India adopt different ways of making idlis with an end goal of producing soft, fluffy Idlis. This oil free, steamed breakfast is amenable to any palate and is considered a healthy option by many.

Easy to prepare and versatile, this item fares frequently for a quick breakfast. While a plain Jane version is basic, this recipe is very adaptable to additions with vegetables & other ingredients. So you can step it up or play it safe depending on your time & mood. Although traditional Upma is made with Sooji/cream of wheat, there are other variations such as Poha upma, semiya upma etc bundled together for their similarity in cooking.

Avalakki/Poha/Beaten rice - kitchen essentials 
There are so many ways you can use the versatile Avalakki in. This ingredient can easily whip up a variety of dishes from breakfast to lunch to snack to dinner that it needed to be its own category. Tasty, easily cooked, also amenable to be eaten without any cooking this ingredient is light on the stomach and easily digested. This category features some of the very popular dishes made with avalakki. 

Pasta from India - Shavige, rice & wheat noodles
These are traditional noodles made with rice flour. A little extra effort but completely worth it. Semi prepared ingredients are available in the stores to make it easier. 

Pasta from World - Pasta, noodles, couscous  etc
Pasta as a genre has a cult following in the culinary world. Be it a light salad with Mediterranean Couscous or an elaborate pesto sauce pasta from Italy or the soy sauce laden Hakka noodles from China, they are all drool worthy.  
Indian bread/Roti/Parantha
These home made Indian breads can compete with the best of the baked breads any day. Some are oven baked and use leavening agents while some are either pan roasted or deep fried in oil. Typically paired with a warm side dish in which the roti pieces are dipped into, there are many many different varieties of Indian breads.

Gluten free Options
South Indian Rottis/Bhakris/Pat-a-cakes
Atleast by my knowledge these are non-wheat flour and almost always gluten free although some neo versions add wheat flour in some variations. And because of this, the rottis(note the emphasis on 't') are generally patted by hand on a banana leaf or aluminium foil, transferred over to a hot griddle and roasted with or without oil. Different states in the South have different ingredients that go into these rottis making them attractive to all different tastes.

Delicious Desserts from India
Desserts are such an integral part of any festive meal and they set the tone of the festivities. Whether you prefer a soft burfi or a firm mithai or a layered obbattu or the dripping goodness of a payasa, it is all taken care of. Sugar or jaggery is traditionally used as sweeteners in Indian desserts almost always flavored with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, saffron to bring out the heady yet elegant aroma in the dish. 

Chat Corner (Indian street food)
What are you looking for? Something sweet, spicy, salty, sour, crispy? How about getting them all in here in a single bowl. These fast foods (not really fast unless you prep them ahead) from the galis (streets) of India are a great amalgamation of different tastes. Some people (yours truly included) can forego anything else for a plate of chats. Finger licking and totally satisfying, these can become full meals. 
Hot off the oven - Breads, Pastries, Cakes, Cheese cakes, Muffins and more
The smell of the fresh baked bread is intoxicating to say the least. You don't have to be a master baker for any of these recipes but you will feel gratified with every one of these end products.

Hot off the oven - Cookies, Crackers
Baked & sweet, a perfect combination. Cookies for kids and kids at heart.

All about Rice - Bhaath, Pulav, Pilaf, Biryani
If you crave for rice and need to make a single pot dish, you don't need to look beyond the Indian Pulav's, Bhaaths, biryanis. Need a lunch box recipe or entertaining a group of friends and looking for a rice based dish? Here are some to choose from for any occasion. 

Lean and mean proteins - lentils, legumes, pulses, Dals, Huli/Sambar, Saaru/Rasam etc
Source of proteins for all vegetarians, these dishes offer a wide range in taste and texture and are game for accompanying either rice or rotis. Whether it is a simple tovve with lemon juice & seasoning or a more elaborate bassaru, a dal item is sure a crowd pleaser.

Side Dishes - with gravy
Side dishes are not really on the side, when prepared well these take center stage without which you don't go much ahead with your meal. These vegetarian recipes with gravy are made to order with rice or rotis as you choose. 

Tasty Gojju
What can I say about this genre without giving away my love for them? I didn't even want them under the same category as Side dishes - with gravy because they are special. Perfect combination of sweet, sour, hot, salt in every spoonful with everyday ingredients, well picked vegetables that lend the right texture to the gravy, it is just mouthwatering. You can choose gojjus that need boiling & grinding or choose a simple one in which raw vegetables are mixed in ground masala, either way you will be glad you made a gojju for the meal.
Kosambari, Kosambri, salads from India
No cooking involved. Away from the hot stove, these are perfect in Summer. Soaked lentils usually paired with grated or chopped raw vegetables are good for a fasting day or a dieting day. 
Salads from elsewhere

Usli, Sundal - works as both a festive offering and an easy protein rich snack
Cooked counter parts of kosambari, Usli or Usali as they are called in Karnataka are protein rich dishes made with different dals and legumes. Typically served as a naivedya during festivals, these easy to make dishes can be very filling and delicious.
Chatpata Chutneys/Pachadis/Tokku
When you feel bored to cook an elaborate meal, these chutneys can brighten your day and make your food look appetizing. Adjust the spices to your taste and choose ingredients to suit your pantry/mood and you will be set with a happy meal in no time.
Soul warming soups
When there is a nip in the weather, you feel the need to put on a light sweater and want to relax infront of a warm fireplace or a heater, these soul warming soups full of nutrition come to the rescue.

Dips/Spreads (that are not Chutneys/Pachadis/Tokku)
Whether you are sitting down with a bowl of chips or a plate of vegetables, you can use these dips to make them yummier. These healthy dips are capable of taking (some)guilt off of that mindless munching by filling you up. 
Raita - Yogurt based Pachadis/Tambuli/Bajji
If the Sun is scorching outside and you need a cool dish for lunch, these raitas and tambulis come in hand. Easy breezy preparation, made with raw or sauteed vegetables these dishes fill you up and cool you down on a hot day.

Cool Cool Juices - Beverages to quench your thirst
Is it too hot to cook up something? Enjoy these cool sips. Fruit or veggie based, these coolers can be diet friendly and help you control the calories.
Stay fresh Spice powders
Whether you are making a bhaath or a dry curry or are looking for a spicy accompaniment to your idli/dosa/rice, there are spice powders for all sorts of use.

Lip smacking Pickles
Pickling is as much an art as it is science. There are right measurements and rules about ingredients & gadgets to prolong the longevity of pickles. But there is no need to feel intimidated as these are simplified recipes not compromising on the taste. 
Different names, different ingredients and different tastes. Depending on whether you are coastal Karnataka or Maharastra, the taste of this dish varies vastly but includes a wealth of greens and other vegetables. Easily adaptable, these can serve as a heavy breakfast or lunch or an evening snack.

A very humble recipe, ganji has been touted as the working man's breakfast. Traditionally made by seasoning the strained water used to boil rice in, this dish has found its place with other ingredients. It is amazing how a little bit of seasoning and few herbs turn this dish into a tasty, slurpy yet light on the stomach recipe. 
Home Remedies
A few things I grew up eating or drinking, indigeneous, made from fresh herbs or spices these are known for their health benefits and medicinal values.
Condiments from India
A few things I grew up eating or drinking, indigeneous, made from fresh herbs or spices these are known for their health benefits and medicinal values. I don't know if condiments is a good way to describe these. These are found in every Indian home and may be considered as 'to be fried' potato chips. Home made stuff is many times replaced by store bought. Spicy and tasty, I indulge in them when craving hits.  
Assorted items
Until the time my collection grows and each of these have friends to make up their own category, they will be featured here but each one is a winner in its own way.


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I wanted to know how to prepare bitter gourd(hagalakayi) chips. It would be great help if u tell me the way to prepare..

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the blog is really very nice. the recipes especially the ones of karnataka brings lots of memories. all the best to you.

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Nice post…thanks for sharing.

Breakfast food  is very important for health. I like south Indian dishs like idli, dosa, puri.

Millet foods are great for healthy lifestyle.