Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year & a 2nd birthday

End of the year and here I am for what has become customary (for the last 2 years) to wrap up my culinary experiences and wish my blog baby a Happy Birthday :-). I started blogging 2 years back on a nippy, dark evening on the last day of the year with no set goals or lofty ambitions. We had recently relocated, moving away from familiar surroundings, leaving behind friends, trying to set up yet another home away from home. New work, new school, new weather among many other 'new's. As always, we persevered as a family, settled in, made new friends, continued contact with old friends and also picked up some changes to our lives. Blogging was one of them, the urge to write, to share what I knew and also learn from others pushed me into this very public and open domain where I shared stories real and made up, opinions & thoughts - always my own. All in all, it has been another extremely satisfying year. I didn't post as many recipes as I did last year as I found a balance and rhythm to blogging that suited me personally than going after anything else. And then there were days when I simply was lazy to write too :-).

This blog is my creation, and I am proud of how it has turned out so far. At the same time, I acknowledge the support and love showered on me to continue doing this by my family, friends and all of you readers. Thank you once again for brightening up this little space of mine with your visits, comments, feedback and queries. Looking forward to interacting with everyone for a long time to come.

I have many traditional and new age recipes lined up in the coming days, so don't be a stranger to this space of mine, keep visiting and drop a line when you get a chance. But for today, there is no recipe, just good wishes for a great year.

Wishing everyone a New Year filled with many positive vibes! Stay Happy, stay healthy, stay positive.

Photo courtesy: Think and Think again

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NamsVeni Pothas said...

very nice and positive new year wishes from Sattvaa. keep going with mouth watering and healthy recipes
we always looking forward for your
tasty dishes. we all love your Blog.
wishing a very nice happy and bright 2014 to all sattvaa readers

sashi said...

Best wishes and looking forward to many more delicious recipes. keep up the good work.
Happy new year to you all.

Swathi Iyer said...

congrats, wishing many more years of happy blogging. Happy new year to you and your family