Friday, January 31, 2014

Just ramblings, no recipe here today

I think I have hit that spot again where things don't come easily off the key board:-). Believe me, I did try and try hard, also thought I would just post a recipe of a beautiful dish I have in waiting and not worry about connecting with past, present, future but didn't feel like it. I am working on a few other aspects of life which is consuming me physically and emotionally and so the blog posts are being left out. Loads of recipes in the drafts but I am not able to connect them with my stories.. so I thought I will not even attempt to post a recipe today. Not that I have a schedule on this blog but usually a couple of posts every week, ah well... Instead I thought I will just talk about something a lot of us in this World are obsessing about this week.

For all sports fans in North America (read it as all 'Football' fans), a big weekend is coming up in 2 days. For us who first got introduced to the sport in Indianapolis with the winning streak of Colts and their well respected coach Tony Dungy, we got hooked to watching it every time Colts played. I am no sports buff and I don't understand the game even now after years of watching it but I have perfected the art of making perfect cheering sounds when the time comes in the game and anyway I only watch the last one or at the most 2 quarters of the game. I am like the lucky mascot (remember Silver linings Playbook and Robert De Niro?, I fill the female version of Bradley Cooper in my household) for my Foot ball crazy rest of the family. While the dad and daughter (who makes sure her home work is all tended to before the big game) sit there and comment, yell at, coach, give up, cheer on and ... in front of the big screen I sit there mostly passively. But I do have some favorites, Peyton Manning topping the list. If you didn't know who he is, he played as quarter back for Colts before moving to the Denver Broncos team last year and this weekend is his first Superbowl leading Broncos. I like him for reasons other than just the sport itself and most of you will probably agree with me if you connect him to the Children's hospital in Indiana.

Now here is the dilemma this Sunday, Broncos with Manning are playing our local Seattle team :-), DD wore her Manning jersey (yeah, despite warnings of dire consequences from her friends she went to school today with #18 on her back :-)), she is a die hard Manning follower. We watched the earlier games the Hawks (Sea Hawks from Seattle) played and they have been super good and we really want them to win their Super bowl this time. And I have a couple of favorites on my new favorite team already :-), so I can see the wavering loyalty here :-). I have a busy day Sunday and will probably not be back home until the last quarter anyway..

If you believe apes can make good speculators (after all they are our ancestors) just like us, the more evolved beings speculate all the time, winner of this Sunday's Superbowl is already picked by none other than Eli the ape in the Hogli Zoo. He has 6 straight picks becoming true so far, much better record than most of our wall street players I would say. Wish I could take him with me on my next trip to the gambling land :-). Enjoy this read ..

All I would say since I don't speculate is "Let the best team take the bowl home this Sunday", I will make some healthy Super bowl treats to dig into during the game for my family and bring them to you next week. Until then, have a wonderful weekend..

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NamsVeni Pothas said...

nice write up all about the great game and the players. we eagerly wait for your next recipe. enjoy the game with cheers.